Enjoy Summer in the privacy of your own backyard, relaxing and cooling off or watching the kids splashing around having fun.

Freedom Pools

Freedom Pools meet the highest standards of design, environmental safety and professional craftsmanship. These fibreglass pools never need painting. Our highly skilled artisans manufacture Freedom pools using only the very best, purposely designed materials. Tried and tested materials like the vinyl ester resin we incorporate into the design of every pool to protect it from chemicals and keep it looking like new years after installation, and specially matched resins to give your pool a stunning laminated finish.
When it comes to industry excellence, Freedom Pools is the clear winner. Freedom Pools has won awards both locally and internationally, and was recognised by an international panel of judges as being the one of the best pool manufacturers. The company has since been awarded an unprecedented two gold and two bronze awards
When you purchase a Freedom Pool, you are getting the best value for your money. We currently have 18 shapes and a variety colours to choose from.
Pool surrounds such as decking, paving, fencing and landscaping can be included in the total site makeover.